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What is Hair Elixir?

Hair Elixir is a HAIR SERUM (NOT A SHAMPOO!) Created to help you get rid of white or gray hair.
Hair Elixir does not contain paint pigments or dyes. In combination with Keratin and Melanin in the scalp, it stimulates natural color reproduction reactions for the hair, making it possible for your hair to regain its natural color.

Hair Elixir works regardless of the natural color you have. If the natural hair is blond, then it will turn blond. If he is brunette, then he will become brunette. If it is reddish, then it will become reddish… etc.
Consequently, Hair Elixir has an effect for all hair types and colors.

Benefits and Effects of Hair Elixir

Most of our clients use Hair Elixir to regain their natural hair color, but some of the clients use it for other benefits that come with the same product. These benefits are:

  • Restores the natural color of the hair.
  • Helps hair grow in its natural color.
  • Stops Hair Loss.
  • Helps hair regenerate and grow faster and more often.
  • Thickens the hair, providing a larger volume.
  • Fights dandruff and helps fight dermatitis.
  • Regulates sebum secretion and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Restores the shine of the hair, which helps to intensify the color.

Who can use Hair Elixir?

Hair Elixir can be used by anyone over 18 years old.
It can be used by both ladies and gentlemen.
It can be used even by pregnant women or while breastfeeding.
Hair Elixir does not affect injectable or oral treatments, so it can be used even if you are under treatment.

Why use Hair Elixir?

We recommend using Hair Elixir because it brings a total change in your life. The effects of this treatment are so visible that it will completely change the appearance for the better.
Who doesn’t want to look better? The better you look, the more confident you are, which attracts success like a magnet.
It is enough to take pictures before using Hair Elixir and a month of use and you will notice an improvement in your personality.

However, why use Hair Elixir and not other products?
We have some answers and some explanations for you.
First of all, Hair Elixir is the only product that brings so many improvements to the hair and scalp.

Alternatively, it would be necessary to use 5-6 different products, which would make you waste more time and cost you a lot more money.
Moreover, using several products at the same time could cancel out the effects of some products, or even bring unpleasant side effects.

But what if you weren’t interested in the other benefits? if you were only interested in getting rid of white hair?
In this case, there would be two alternatives, one more unpleasant than the other:

1) The first alternative would be to use products similar to Hair Elixir, cheaper, which do not give you results or which contain lead, thus endangering the health of the body.
Another product like Hair Elixir does not exist, as the manufacture of this product by someone else is prohibited and cannot receive a production authorization.

2) The second alternative is even more unpleasant, namely hair dyeing.
Dyeing men’s hair looks very bad and most of the time it will make you feel uncomfortable for at least the first two weeks after dyeing.
For ladies, it is normal to dye their hair and it can have a pleasant appearance, but due to the oxidant, the hair burns from one dye to another and becomes dry, breaks and is very unpleasant aesthetically and to the touch.

Both ladies and gentlemen, even if you dye your hair, after a maximum of two weeks your hair starts to grow and you can see the white strands again, at which point you get to choose between dyeing your hair once more, or leaving it aside. painted and part raised white. Either option is quite unpleasant.
During a year, you will spend more money on dyeing than on Hair Elixir, you will spoil a lot of clothes that stain when dyeing, you will lose a lot of time with dyeing and you will go through many stressful and frustrating moments.
Hair Elixir does not come with any inconvenience! It only brings benefits and an application lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.



How to use Hair Elixir?

  • Hair Elixir is used in two stages.
  • The first stage is represented by the treatment period.
  • The second stage is the maintenance period.

How to apply?

Being a hair serum, Hair Elixir is very easy and comfortable to apply.
You should NOT take a bath after using Hair Elixir for at least 4 hours.
You can take a bath before using Hair Elixir.
Shake the vial thoroughly for 30-60 seconds before use to ensure that the substances inside are homogeneous.

Press the lid and immediately pour the product on the hair root, enough so that you can spread it all over the scalp.
Massage the scalp for 1-3 minutes to spread the product over the entire surface of the scalp and allow the product to enter the scalp.
You need to make sure that your hair is wet at the root. If you pour too little product, the effects diminish.

After applying the product, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap (Or you can use surgical gloves).
Allow the hair to dry naturally, or you can dry it with a hair dryer ON THE LOWEST SPEED, after at least 10 minutes of application.
CAREFUL! After reading the instructions, please consult the “RECOMMENDATIONS” and “WARNINGS” sections.

When does it apply?

1) During the treatment period, it is necessary to use Hair Elixir more and more often, until your body regulates the deficiency of enzymes, responsible for maintaining healthy hair.
Our recommendation is to apply Hair Elixir 1-2 times a day, even 3 times a day if you can, to get a faster result.
The more often and correctly you use the product, the faster you go through the treatment period.

Usually, this treatment period lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. This period is estimated and differs from person to person.
There are people who go through the treatment period in 2 weeks, but there are people who need up to 8-10 weeks of treatment, due to the fact that the hair is anemic and requires a longer treatment.
The treatment is complete when the hair completely regains its color, at which point you can start the maintenance period.

2) During the maintenance period, it is usually enough to use Hair Elixir 2-3 times a week for 4-5 months
If during this period the hair remains in its natural color, you can gradually reduce the frequency of application from 2-3 times a week, to 1-2 times a week, or even once every 10 days. It depends on one person to another.
If the hair begins to grow white again, it is necessary to increase the frequency of application to stabilize the required amount of enzymes.

It is recommended that you change the frequency of application of the product over time, until it stabilizes at one application per week or even every two weeks.
Most clients end up having a frequency of application every 2-3 weeks in a period of 2 years.
There are people who, after a period of correct use, no longer need hair Elixir, because their body automatically regulates and produces the necessary enzymes.

For most, however, the reasons why the body no longer produces the necessary enzymes still persist. This makes it necessary to continue using the Hair Elixir product, but reaching a very rare frequency of use, neither the application of the product nor the costs would be an impediment.



  • Shake the product very well before each use. Hair Elixir is a biphasic product and requires extensive agitation for homogenization.
  • Do not move the product to another container.
  • Do not use a sprayer! The active substance does not penetrate through a sprayer!
  • Do not use a deep cleansing shampoo during treatment. Anti-Dandruff Shampoos, Hair Loss Shampoo, Menthol Shampoo, Dermatitis Shampoo.

These types of shampoos are very hard and clean all the nutrients from the hair and scalp, managing to reduce the effect of Hair Elixir by up to 80%.
Alternatively, we recommend Neutral Shampoos or Dyed Hair Shampoo, or Baby Shampoo.

  • After applying the product, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, or you can use surgical gloves.

Under the nails and at the level of the cuticles, there is active keratin, which in contact with Hair Elixir, has the same effect as on the hair, more precisely it will produce color.
If you have not washed your hands well, after a few hours you will notice that your nails begin to turn black.
If you have already reached this stage, you should not panic, you just have to be more careful next time and in a few days the nail color will recover.

  • During the application of the product, especially at the beginning until you get dexterity, there are chances of the product leaking on the forehead or neck.

You need to make sure that after applying the treatment, you have washed very well with soap the parts where the substance has flowed, otherwise the fluff under the skin will turn color and you will notice a blackhead effect after a few days.
If these points have already appeared, they will disappear in a few days, if you do not touch Hair Elixir in those areas.

  • If you have hair dye, it may reactivate from the perfume or alcohol in the bottle with Hair Elixir and color your pillow.

In such cases, we recommend that you try to put Hair Elixir only on natural hair and make sure that the hair is dry before putting your head on the pillow.
It is normal that in some cases, the hair regains almost all its color, except for tufts (usually on the forehead or perches), which have begun to regain their color, but not completely.
If you encounter such a situation, it means that those hairs are anemic and take longer to be fully treated.

  • The hair gradually regains its color. The white strands first become light blond, then dark blond, and if your hair is brown or dark satin, there are cases in which the hair first becomes a light brick satin, after which it reaches its natural color.

So it is normal for the hair to have a different color in the first 3-4 weeks of treatment.



  • Do not change the substance of the product in another container.
  • Do not try to use a spray, the active substance does not pass through it.
  • Do not use deep cleansing shampoos such as anti-dandruff, anti-fall, menthol or dermatitis shampoos.
  • You need to make sure that after applying the product you have washed well in all areas in contact with it, as it is possible to color the small hairs we have on the skin.
  • If you have hair dye, it may reactivate from the perfume or alcohol in the bottle with Hair Elixir and color your pillow.
  • After applying the product, let the hair dry outdoors or wait at least 10 minutes before using the hair dryer at the lowest speed.