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What are cookies?

A “Cookie” is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which are sent for storage to a device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) and can be requested back by the sender. The function of a cookie can be the most diverse: from keeping you in the “authenticated” state, while filling out a registration form, by saving your language preferences for viewing our site, to tracking your behavior when surf the Internet sometimes for long periods of time and regardless of the device used: in the latter case, as in all other similar cases, this cookie cannot be used without your prior consent, based on detailed information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) introduces or strengthens the essential legal mechanisms for data subjects. Below are some of them, which refer to the processing of personal data on the use of digital assets.

“Digital assets” – website “Plug-in” – the software of a third party, and which is related to tracking consumer behavior and / or ensuring the action of certain functionalities, by moving to the domain of a third party. “Information society services” are services normally provided for a fee and at a distance, using electronic means.

The recipient of this service must have been explicitly requested. E-commerce is also a kind of such a service. Why and how do we use cookies? We may use session cookies (which end with the closing of the web browser) and persistent cookies (which remain on your computer until you delete them) at the same time to improve the use of

We do not normally create an individual profile of our online activities as a rule. The content of the attached cookie is limited to the identification number. Cookies are not attached to a specific name, email address, IP address.

Categories of cookies

The cookies we use are:

  • Absolutely necessary: ​​Without these cookies you cannot fully see our site or use its features.
  • Cookies that enhance the activity of the digital asset: These cookies collect information about how visitors use the web page, for example which pages are accessed more often. These cookies do not collect information about a specific customer. All information collected by cookies in this group is aggregated and therefore – anonymous. Their sole purpose is to improve the performance of the site. These cookies allow the site to work better. With these cookies we do not track your browsing habits.
  • Targenting or advertising: These cookies are used for marketing or advertising purposes. Cookies can be used to track user behavior, limit the number of ad impressions, or to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. These cookies also help determine the effectiveness of online marketing channels.

List of third parties
Google Analytics
Facebook pixel

We use the opportunities offered by Google codes to measure the number of visits to our site and the frequency of visits. We do not use these opportunities to collect personal data or individual IP addresses; The data reaches us aggregated and anonymized for statistical purposes and to improve the experience of visitors to our site.

However, the data thus collected is available to Google, and in accordance with its policies and conditions, may be combined with other data that Google already has regarding your identity or device, your behavior in the digital environment, your preferences. your search. Personal data combined by Google, including through Sereni Capelli’s digital assets, may be used by the search engine for various purposes, which are described in more detail in its Privacy Policy and the protection of personal data, including behavioral advertising. Therefore, the data to Google Analytics will only be handed over with your prior consent, which you can withdraw later at any time.

You can learn more about cookies attached to Google through our site at:

More information about Facebook pixel can be found here:
Your consent is a necessary condition for attaching cookies that are not strictly necessary and for ways that improve the operation of our digital asset, which collects only aggregated, anonymous information that does not identify you as a user of the digital asset, the property of Sereni Capelli.

Cookie management

You may use our products or services without your consent to cookies being attached to your device only with your consent, as described above. You can delete cookies from your device’s hard drive at any time (file: “cookies”). Please note that this may prevent you from seeing some elements of our site or will affect its operation.

Most web browsers already allow preliminary control of the attachment of cookies, from its settings.
If you access our digital asset through a mobile device, you may not be able to disable cookies from your web browser settings.

For further information, as well as in the exercise of your rights as data subjects, please also consult our privacy policy, and you can contact us at


This Policy on the protection of personal data enters into force on the date indicated at the beginning, and may be amended at a later date. The updated policy will enter into force on the date of its publication on If you visit after changing the Policy, the new Privacy Policy will be binding on you.